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Forbo Tessera


Random Lay Batchless Carpet Tiles


An innovative, batchless, random lay carpet tile, Tessera Mix delivers a seamless installation appearance every time. Its soft geometric shapes cleverly disguise the tile edges and fitting direction and create its classic modern appearance. Mix combines tone and shade within an angular framework through the controlled use of multipile carpet construction creating a distinctive, attractive and highly complementary flooring solution.

Designed for use in commercial, hospitality and public interiors, Mix is available in 15 contemporary commercial colourways. Its random geometric aesthetic will improve interior floor space of any scale from intimate corridors to expansive open plan offices


  Random Lay for Speed and Convenience
Installation time is minimised as there are no direction rules to follow. There is no need to check the pile direction; any tile of the correct size can be used, minimising fitting waste to less than 2%. The overall Mix design is created at installation as the geometric shapes are broken and joined randomly creating the final seamless design.
  Batchless for Economy and Flexibility
Effectively batchless, Mix tiles can be ordered as required in quantities as low as a single box, removing the need to order and store spares. For large installations here is no need to calculate batch sized areas, simply request the total quantity for the project minimising the amount of batch waste.




mix bone 952

mix canyon 953

mix woodash 954

mix obsidian 963

mix ruby 965

mix gravel 961

mix sahara 966

mix lazuli 958

mix amethyst 968

mix grit 955

mix husk 967

mix glacier 969

mix iron 960

mix stone 964

mix jade 970


Classification: Heavy Contract
Construction: Loop Pile
Pile: 100% Solution Dyed Antron polyamide
Total Thickness: Approx 6,50 mm
Pile Weight: Approx 650 gms m
Tile Size: 50cm x 50cm (20 Tiles per box)
Colourways: 15


20.14m2 + Vat

Quantity Discounts available


For further information or to order

Phone 01656 647665

email office@carpettiles-uk.co.uk


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